We produce high quality herbal supplements in the form of capsules and fluid extracts. We use only the best sources of European herbal powders -- often organic, often biodynamic -- all tested for purity and efficacy. The capsuling and bottling is done in a wifi-free environment. The capsules are size 0 vegicaps which are made from hydroxypropillmethylcellose, a derivative of wood pulp.

When taken as recommended, our products have no harmful side effects.

Each product contains a herbal formula addressed to a specific issue such as constipation, hormone imbalance, energy, etc. The formulae are taken from the great herbalists (some with adaptations based on our experience as herbalists). So they’re all well tried over generations.

We are happy to advise about our products via email to classicherbalformulae@btinternet.com

The products are vegan. Kashrus: Rabbi Eliezer Shneebalg of Edgware Machzikei Hadass certifies our products as kosher for all year round use; and for Passover, authorises our special Passover production of a few items. For details, email us on classicherbalformulae@btinternet.com.